Once A Sandie,
 Always A Sandie


A.H.S. Oh, A.H.S.

We'll sing your praise tonight

To let you know wher'er we go

For Black and Gold we'll fight

We'll sing your worth o'er all the earth-

Of schools you are the best,

In books of fame we'll write your name,

Oh, A.H.S




The Paramont sign has been restored. Bright new/old life has returned to Polk street and this is returning a very memorable part of our school years. A beautiful friend is now bright and beautiful again. Many a dream began with an invite to the Paramount theater. Ju-Ju-Fruits, Junior Mints, popcorn, dill pickles and none of these cost $10. The best of times, good friends and good movies.

Marilyn & Jerrie Hill, Scottie Mullins and I were all thrilled to see our old friend return. Something to look for in September - DRAGGING POLK will be closer to the way it was in 1954.

Linda Jonas Walton WaltonsNet@aol.com will be taking Janelle's place as our new scribe. Please keep Linda in the loop and informed with information about our classmates.

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As you browse through the roster, please feel free to contact us with any updates to the information we have listed here.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.  We would like to be able to notify everyone of information pertinent to our class.

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Remember the drive down Polk street... how beautiful at night. Remember AHS... how the halls reeked of the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. Remember the cool brisk early morning breeze blowing through the wide open windows in Mrs Atlanta Kaye's room. How about when a certain pitcher, I wont mention any names, threw the baseball through Mr. Swettman's window... he was demonstrating his latest pitching style.

Then there was Noel and Louetta always walking down the halls hand in hand. Remember all the special friendships... the bonds that could never be broken, the trusts that were never questioned. Well, those friendships, those bonds and those trusts still exist even today.

Come and share with us, the memories and joys of those years and rekindle those old relationships. Once a month we get together to keep the comradre alive. Meet us for lunch the last Thursday of each month in Furrs Cafeteria in Western Plaza Mall at 6:00pm.

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