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AHS '54 Birthdays




Frank Ray January 3rd
Bill Brown Date Unknown
Duane Stoddard January 7th
Patsy Saunders Barron January 7th
Joan Bates Wilson January 7th
Martin Allison January 8th
Janice Wilson January 9th
Larry Larson January 9th
Linda Jonas Walton January 15th
Marilyn Mabry Hill January 15th
Ann Leflar Rigdon January 16th
Bill Oakley January 18th
Elizabeth Ann Gaidry January 25th
Edgar Sellers January 27th
Bill Horner January 27th
Joyce Johnson Morris January 27th


Ronnie Smith February 2nd
Barbara Oakley (Bill's wife) February 7th
Gary Ray February 8th
Sue Briley Hodges February 9th
Charley Hodges February 13th
Leroy Clarke February 13th
Mike Powell February 18th
Eileen Jacobson Kent February 19th
Don R Reid February 19th
Patty Hulen Armstrong February 20th
Wick Alexander February 25th
(who has continued to be loyal to his class duties after all these years, Thanks)
Don "Scotty" Mullins February 27th
Glenn Brosier February 29th


John Moon March 1st
Booty Curtis March 4th
Mack Fowler March 6th
Billie Nan McPherson Beasley March 13th
Verna Gibson Pederson March 15th
Sandy Townsend Bechtol March 19th
Beth Springstube Shelton March 19th
Marion Payne March 21st
Carol Schultz Carthel March 27th
Jim Gatlin March 28th


Juanita McMaffery Evans April 3rd
Jenelle Sanford Smith April 10th
Shirley Broome Pittman April 11th
Joyce Keeton Gilbert April 11th
Rosemary McMurtry Green April 12th
Bob Brady April 13th
Joanne McMeans Gast April 16th
Mike Hall April 17th
Riceine Hudson Haley April 26th
Shirley Gay Settle April 27th


Robert Dupriest May  1st
Janelle Sanford Smith May 10th
Shirley Broome Pittman May 11th
Joyce Keeton Gilbert May 11th
Freddie McKee May 13th
Barbara Hale Leachman May 14th
Wallace Smith May 14th
Sidney Walton May 15th
Joanne McMeans Gast May 16th
Ionia Barrett Black May 17th
Mike Gholston May 17th
Sally Boyd Davis May 26th
Shirley Gay Settle May 27th


Nancy Farrel Larsen June  1st
Robert Dupriest June  2nd
Bobby Patrick June 8th
Jerrie Hill (class of 53) June 11th
Chuck Elmore June 11th
Wallace Smith June 14th
Ionia Barrett Black June 17th
Phyllis Board Dick June 17th
Gilbert Purcell June 29th


Donna Mae Anderson July 6th
Ann Ansley Reid July 7th
Janice Green Keller July 8th
Glenda Laney Hall July 11th
Carol Hankin Cohen July 18th
Betsy Lackey Northrup July 19th
Dale Nutter July 20th
Betty Lou Yolland Wallbridge July 21st


Carroll Collier August 2nd
Dean Carpenter August 9th
Elizabeth Rathburn August 11th
Susan McCrary Smith August 11th or 12th
Kay Harwell Westerfield August 12th
Sue Stambaugh Gunnels August 22nd
Carl Benson August 29th


Ruby Burn September 1st
Don Armstrong September 2nd
Lois Mckee King September 3rd
Barbara Garrett Flynn September 10th
Bill Carder September 12th
Doris Baily Rutter September 15th
Gene Mathis September 16th
Mignon Moore Hogsed September 17th
Glenn Kirk September 18th
Linda Redfern Stafford September 23rd
Gene Smith September 25th
Suzanne Fenberg September 30th


Janelle Beck Hutchison October 4th
Glenn Askew October 4th
Carol Ann Smith Mulkey October 8th
Duane "Sam" Slaton October 9th
Lavon Ford Nelms October 11th
Susan Carter McAfee October 11th
Fred Hancock October 17th
Pat Martn Boles October 19th
Jack Wilkinson October 19th
Bill Shellberg October 19th
Larry Ramsey October 26th
Arrelene Watson Lorenzo October 26th
Vinita Adams Hrncir October 26th
Troy Archer October 29th
David Kent October 30th
Spooky Canova October 31st


Walter McNew November 1st
Bill Boyd November 9th
Melonye Curtis (Booty's wife) November 13th
Willette Riney March November 19th
Hayden Goodnight November 20th


Maynon Martin Benson December 1st
Rosemary Quinn Miller December 3rd
Duane Miller December 3rd
Charlotte Wilson Anderson December 4th
Charline Wilson Clark December 4th
Richard Hurlock December 6th
Sheila Cole House December 12th
Virginia Donohoo Cagle December 15th
Deala Duncan Gunnels December 29th
Janice Townsend Golladay December 29th
Bonnie Knotts Hendricks December 29th



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