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Noel Buchanan
Riggins, IDaho  83549
28 Jul 2005

Carol Dean KIng
Garland, Tx
19 Apr 2005

I just discovered this great website. What memories it brings back. To see the faces of the many friends and fellow students is always a treat. My wife Mickey and I moved to the Dallas area in 1966 and have lived here ever since. We used to visit Amarillo rather frequently while my mother was alive. I will always consider Amarillo as my "real" home.

To see the many fellow students who are no longer with us is sad but also brings back the memory of many good times spent with them in the past. It was a pleasure to have known them. Many of my very good friends that I grew up with, and many girls I dated while in high school have now passed on. I still remember them with pleasant memories.

Since leaving AHS and Amarillo Junior College, I completed my education at The University of Texas at Arlington, and then received my CPA certificate in 1982. My wife and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this coming October. My, how the time does fly when you're having fun! We are both now retired except for an internet software company I now own www.cdksoftware.com. Both are enjoying good heath and look forward to many more years together.

If any of my long lost friends see this, I would appreciate hearing from them and learn the story of their journey through life. Great job on the website.

Derrell N. Chandler
Fort Worth, TX
22 Feb 2005

This youngster (Class of '58) says you guys/gals are looking good.

gary ray
castle rock, co
20 Feb 2005

very good site. i am sending a new email address.

Sid and Linda Jonas Walton
Palestine, TX  75801
21 Nov 2004

We are still talking about and reliving the spectacular reunion. Words fail me (a novel experience) when I sttempt to say how much it meant to us to spend time with our classmates. To see Mike Hall and Don Armstrong after 50 years challenges one's vocabulary. There aren't enough superlatives to verbalize our grateful emotions. When we organize our pictures, we will send them along. Suffice it to say that everyone looks mahvellous!

Robert McWhorter
Things Wild in the Ouachita Mts of Arkansas
06 Nov 2004

Just got around to reviewing and putting in order the memories of the 54 Reunion. What an experience! So many really "old"....really special friends to again hug, look into their eyes, hear their voices, and learn of their experiences and travails. So many that I hoped would be there, but they wouldn't come, couldn't come or are, I discovered, in eternal sleep. Our last reunion...and my first one. I'm especially proud of the efforts of those who made it possible... Janelle, Wesley, Charles and Bobbie, Marilyn [we still do not communicate any better than we did in high school ;-)], Gene and the many others who were involved...you sure have my respect, admiration and love. A job well done!

Barbara Garrett Flynn
Evant, TX
13 Oct 2004

Our group picture from our 50th reunion arrived yesterday and it was wonderful. Almost took me back to that fun time. Again my thanks to all that worked so hard to make this special. Someone has gone to all the trouble of numbering and naming each person. Now while our memories are fresh we probably all remember who everyone was, but in a few years who knows. For the work and time spent of our organizers to give us this information there can never be enough thank yous. Another example of the quality of people the Class of '54 turned out.

11 Oct 2004

Gene Mathis has created a great gift to our class. Communication is vital to staying in touch. Love our web site.

Dean & Dee Carpenter
05 Oct 2004

Hi Janelle and happy birthday to you.

We got home from the Florida Hurricanes for the American Red Cross after 24 days, two hurricanes, one flooded motel room and two weeks of 6:30 Am to 8:30 PM days doing our Disaster Relief work.  Found the mail box full of reunion things and just wanted to say I'm sorry we missed it, but was thinking of the group the day that Hurricane Jeanne passed through on Sunday as the reunion was breaking up.  Thought this is really like a sandstorm, only water with the wind rather than sand and was the Saturday night party that good to be blowing us away in Florida?  Haha!

Hope all enjoyed it and maybe someone missed me.

AHS Sandie always


Virginia (Pfeiffer) & Bob D Brady
611 S. Philadelphia, Amarillo, TX 79104
bbradysr@sbcglobal.net / ginbritton@sbcglobal.net
04 Oct 2004

10/04/2004 It has been a week since our 50th REUNION concluded...it was wonderful!! And the reason is, the countless and diligent hours of work by Janelle, Jim & Patsy, Wesley, Anne, Marilyn, Charles & Bobbie, Jean, Susan, Charlotte & Kay, Mike, Hayden and ALL the other workers and little elves who had a hand in bringing this gargantuan task to fruition.... Ginger and I regret that circumstances prevented our doing our fair-share of the work load of putting this thing together, but believe me... we are proud of all those who did!!!! If there was possible, some small incident that could shed light on all those who chose to ignore the opportunity to join with all of us in this "Once-In-A-Lifetime" happening, maybe, JUST MAYBE, some of them would make a small effort to contact some of us who would GLADLY share with them, some of the elation we all felt, re-newing old friendships and memories of those precious years so long ago. Again, thank you, all of you who made all of this possible... =^..^= Our warmest thanks go also to Gene Mathis for the superb job he has done with this WEBSITE we can call OURS ALONE !

Barbara Garrett Flynn
Evant, TX
30 Sep 2004

Just one last thing I left out yesterday. All of our gratitude goes out to Gene Mathis for creating this wonderful website and keeping us all connected electronically. THANKS GENE!!!

Barbara Garrett Flynn
Evant, TX
29 Sep 2004

I just returned home after a great three days at our 50th Reunion and want to issue a heartfelt thanks to all of you that worked, obviously so very hard, on this event. Everything was perfect and oh what fun it was to see and visit with so many of my classmates that I hadn't seen in so very long. Those that did not or could not attend just do not know what they missed. Thanks again who all who put this big one together

Patti Herchelroath- Hartsock
Magalia, CA
22 Sep 2004

I was so happy to see a picture of my mother in high school. I called her right away since she's never been on a computor. She had me look up several of her friends. Thank you for letting me share this with my mom, Helen Casstevens.

Ken Fairchild
Dallas, TX
14 Sep 2004

I'm not of your class (being an old 53 grad), but when I heard from Deala Duncan Gunnels that your 50th reunion was coming up, still dripping with nostalgia from ours last year, I started to browse your web site (which is great, by the way). I was surprised to see that I knew about as many of you youngsters as I did people in my class. I was especially reminded of what beautiful women graced the Class of 54, a FEW of whom I knew quite well and remeber fondly. I won't mention any names to protect possible sensitivities of various husbands, but you know who you are. Love to you all and may your 50th be as grand an experience as ours was. Ken Fairchild, AHS53, AC55, WT57

Doris Rhody Taylor
Stone Mountain, GA
25 Aug 2004

Thank you for the wonderful web site. This just verifies the fact that the '54 Sandies are the greatest. I will not be able to come to the reunion but will be thinking of you and hope you have the best time ever. I would like to stay in touch with my fellow '54 grads so please let me hear from you.

Love to all, Doris Rhody Taylor

23 Aug 2004

Gene, this website is absolutely fantastic! Bravo, Bravo!

This is going to be our best ever reunion. I want to thank all those who have worked so hard and encourage each classmate to come and enjoy this fabulous occasion with us.

James Jett
Woolwine, Virginia
19 Aug 2004

Hello to all, just wanted to touch base and say how excited I am to be included in the 50th Reunion. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since I last saw most of you. Looking forward to September. With regards, Jett

Rodney Preston O'Neal
2413 Peachtree Ln, Plano, TX 75074
16 Aug 2004

I was in the school business for over 20 years(coach, teacher, principal, and consultant) and retired in '96. Still work part time because I have three grandsons I am trying my best to spoil!

Adolphus G. Lankford
07 Aug 2004

I just want to say thank you and well done to everyone envolved with making this web bite available for us. I want to say hello to all of the class of 54. I am fine "Thank you Jesus" God Bless you Class of 54.May. Adolphus

Jackie  Miller
Santa Fe, New Mexico
07 Aug 2004

my email changed- and i didn't get an invite yet? O well- I'm going to drop by anyway

Arrelene Watson Lorenzo
Fort Worth, TEXAS (of course)
31 Jul 2004

Have visited the site often, but only commented once (when they had to be input manually). What a great job you have done in expanding this site for us. Just mailed my registration in - - sorry I will be unable to attend the reunion. I will miss seeing a lot of old friends, but I know you will have a great time. I look forward to the picture and the Reunion Book. Have the Sandie Band Members toast one for me! Arrelene

Helen Marie Fosshage Ringeisen
43 Prospect Ave.  Tarrytown, NY 10591
22 Jul 2004

Please add my address and eMail address to the roster. Thank you.

Sid and Linda Walton
Palestine, Texas


29 Jun 2004

Thanks for this great website. We can't wait to see everyone in September. The Best of the Best graduated from AHS in 1954!

Bonnie Jo Knotts Hendricks
09 Jun 2004

Just wanted to let you know that my email address has changed since I posted my first comments

Raymond E. Stoddard
7405 Dreyfuss Dr. Amarillo,Texas 79121
02 Jun 2004

This web site is great

9615 Railton Street
19 May 2004

You look so happy and I am glad. I love being, don't you!

I think the people who have made this technocracy viable are worth visiting. Do you mind?

The question/answer that comes to my mind: We?You? I know! God is still on the throne! But, [the predators' preyers] are making many speakers suggests the world perceives the family unit as a tradition which should conform to the predators' wishes.

Any Ideas!

I am hoping not to distract any busy person/persons, working on predetermined schedules such as Bills and Meds and Taxes and Young Achievers Awards and Deadlines and Funerals and Vacations and Exercise and most of all Equalibrium when one tries to figure out what God is doing or is not doing.

I am 'inter alia' a rough, carpenter. A would be civil engineer. I dream of being [a] memory! But, I do salvage a smidgeon of [t]he time visiting with unsophticated, mind boggling, questions reserved for Uncle Sam's Secret Service.

To Marilyn Mabry _________, Hi! Last time I saw you, if my memory serves me correctly, you had an employee named Sharon (Coleman) Whittenburg showing a home on Sunset Circle; 1970.

Jackie B. Miller
Santa Fe, NM
08 May 2004

Hi, Again!. Sorry to have invaded your website again. I barged in about a year ago, as I just couldn't resist it! We, Seniors of '53 had out 50th reunion last summer. Let me tell you, I wouldn't have missed it for all the tea in C___! You know what I mean? If any of you have not planned to go to your 50th, Please think again! I was sad as I have been told it was out last one and we now join all the other classes that have passed their 50th. I have attended most of out reunions and dearly loved every one of them. We had a Guess by the name of "Frank Guess" one of our coaches. It was a very nice experience and took some pictures of all us together. I am now asking if I could get special permission to maybe drop by on that Saturday afternoon, as there are too many of you that I use to wipe your noses! (Since I was a whole year older!!!) And I did too! Like Spooky, Booty, Wick, David K, Sheila (ha), Robert Mc, and Vinita. I promise I won't take up much of your valuable time (Just an hour or so). I will even pay just to see all of you. And above all promise me you will be there? YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY! Thanks Jackie

Marita Ratliff Moore
Granbury, TX
28 Apr 2004

Please note that my e-mail address and provider have changed. Would love to hear from anyone. Marita

Lytle, Texas
20 Apr 2004

My name is Melissa. I'm searching for someone by the name of Bryan Henry (not sure of last name!) Bryan would be anywhere from 52-57 years old now. Bryan has blonde hair, (possibly receding hairline), blue eyes, average height and weight and he used to mow lawns for Louis & Irene Lee in Amarillo in the late 1960's to early 1970's. Bryan would have been involved with Linda Janet Lee. Linda was 18 years old at the time you knew her and now she's 52 years old! If anyone has any information or knows anyone that matches this description, please call me at 2103558488! Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!


Marilyn Seal (Green) (Fabri)
Manteo, NC 27954
29 Mar 2004

Thanks, This is so much fun. I had never made contact with my HS friend and now I even have some addresses. I married just before I graduated 1954 but finished HS. I married Doyle Green and he died in 1988. I had two sons born in Amarillo. I then married Norman Fabri. He is retired Coast Guard and lived on a Island in NC. We have been Married 16 years in Sept.

Anita Brewer Witherspoon
Amarillo, Texas
26 Jan 2004

I am taking advantage of this wonderful website for the first time today. Wow what a great job you all have done. I'm so proud to be a part of this great group of people from Sandie Land. We are fortunate to have had our experiences in a better time. Pray for our children and grandchildren. Best of everything to you all. Love, Anita

Edgar Sellers
6816 Club Meadows Dr. Amarillo, TX 79124
11 Aug 2003

Kudos to all responsible for putting this website together. I have visited this site many times, but today (8/11/03)was the first time to check out the guestbook. I look forward to seeing everyone next year.Ed Sellers

Marita Ratliff Moore
6302 Westover, Granbury, TX 76049
23 Jun 2003

Heard a great song during our water aerobics cool down time that would make a wonderful THEME song for all of us attending 54 AHS reunion. It is by Nora Jones, Grammy winner this year and a local Ft. Worth girl. The song is "I just feel so lucky to be here tonight!" Those who will be attending the reunion are in fact "lucky" and BLESSED to have made it to this time. If you haven't heard Nora, you are missing some easy listening that reminds me of the wonderful music we so enjoyed during the 50's. Buddy and I are making plans to attend the 53 reunion this year and then on to some cool mountain weather.

Carroll Shelton
New Braunfels, TX
03 Jun 2003

Does anyone know the website for AHS'53

Gerry Colley
703 Oxford Dr. Tyler, Texas
15 May 2003

Jason Boston
Grandview, Missouri
11 May 2003

Though I'm from the Class of '55, it was great turning up the site for the Class of '54. Great to review names on the roster long out of sight but fondly remembered.

Charles (Chuck) Elmore
Wichita Falls, TX 76306
27 Apr 2003

Moved to AHS mid-term 53 and spent the next year and a half trying to figure who was who. Still working at it. GREAT SITE Looks like I'm going to have to find my 54 annual

Bill Tynan
Lubbock, Texas
27 Apr 2003

This is a first class project. You who are involved in this should all be congratulated. I stumbled upon this while researching Amarillo High School athletic records. It is great to see that a school with such a great athletic history has such caring graduates. It would be great if every class at every high school had such an enduring relationship. Good luck on your 50th! Bill T.

Charles Sadler
Anaheim CA
21 Apr 2003

Enjoyed looking at the website. I belong to Class of '55, but I recognize many of the names in the roster, "we remember", and the guestbook. Does anyone know if the Class of '55 has a similar web page?

18 Mar 2003

Bonnie Jo Knotts
You have echoed my exact feelings. This world has really gone to pot, no pun intended. Come to the kid's site. We will strive to get as good as this site. After all, we are sandies too, just a little behind y'all. Class of '57

Garry Wheeler
Topsham Maine
18 Feb 2003

Great site 54 Sandies. I am really proud to see your fine work. Keep it based in Love and respect for each other and you will always be an award winning site. G. Wheeler, class of 57'

Bob McCasland
Happy, Texas
11 Feb 2003

Great site!

Greetings for the class of '57

11 Feb 2003

Your WEB SITE is absolutely fantastic. Our Class has had one, and then a terrific battle of egos, pride, guilt, name calling, cussing, and a lot of other silliness that those of us who are past 60 should know is stupid. Now, there is another Site "under construction" but you guys and girls have such a great model that I really don't see how it can be beat . . . unfortunately. You done good, SANDIES.

Larry R. Branum
Springdale, AR
03 Feb 2003

Thoroughly enjoyed the website, and appreciated the tribute to the astronauts. I will visit the website often. 

Thanks, Larry

Jackie Miller
Santa Fe, NM
18 Jan 2003

Hi Hey! Remember-- I'm older than most of you'll! Ha Excuse me for busting in on you'lls website. Ours is 'ahs53.org'. I had to stop by and say hi to a great class. Very nice website. Hope all of you 'll are doing great. Lifes too short,darn it! wish I could see all of you. Email me if any of you'll have time. "Break-a-leg"

Robert McWhorter
Mena, AR
16 Jan 2003

I will say again...thanks to all involved for such a classy website to represent the AHS Class of 1954! We were fortunate to have renewed old friendships with classmates this past year in Vegas and we have continued to enrich those friendships via a website that Jack Green has put together.


You are welcome to visit! Also, LaVern and I have a personal site that we invite you to visit. http://home.earthlink.net/~1stlight_mena

We would love to visit the personal websites of any of our classmates. Just drop us an invitation. We feel the excitement of the 2004 reunion building and the more comfortable we can become with each other before this event, the better attendance we will have.

Bonnie Jo Knotts Hendricks
Gautier Ms.
12 Jan 2003

I really loved the web site. It made me think of all the changes that have taken place since we were all there in high school. We were so lucky to have been living in such an innocent time. I remember when "Work With Me Annie" was banned from the radio. Oh for the good old days, what I would give to have them back.I thank my lucky stars to have lived during that time. Hope you all stay well. Bonnie Knotts Hendricks

Darlene Carroll (Joe)
Cedar Park  Texas

I was "googling" and found your web site. I am a graduate of AHS '54. I married Joe Carroll, therefore, did not change my surname.

frank ray
pinehurst, n.c.

Thanks so much for this great site!!!

To look at the names of our friends and classmates who have died is so sad. My tears shead freely as I type this.

All good wishes to all, hope to see you at the reunion.

Kenneth (Ken) Gatten
704 North Clear Creek Dr. Friendswood, Tx. 77546

Great web site. I graduated AHS in 1953, but a lot of the class of 54 were a big part of my memories.

I married Wilma Riggs (Class of 54). We began our 35 years in 1953. She passed away from MS in 1988. We had three children. I know she would want me to say Hi!

We attended your 25th re-union and had a really nice time.

I have since re-married and gained two more children in the deal.

Bobby D Patrick
Amarillo, TX

The web site is outstanding !!!! Thanks for all you hard work. We are lookig forward to the big event in 2004. We welcome e-mail from any of you.

Bobby and Barbara

Bonnie Jo Knotts Hendricks
Gautier, Mississippi

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed finding this web site. I loved the picture of Polk St. It has been many years since I visited Amarillo. I am so glad that I lived in the era where there was innocence and a sense of morality that is lacked today.

Gilbert Purcell
Concord, Ca

suzanne norman fenberg
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Gene Mathis
Lubbock, TX

I think the guestbook is now working with one exception, I will have to add your comments manually.

Robert McWhorter
Mena, AR 71953

Bonnie Knotts Hendricks
heybo2 @bellsouth.net

Mary Kay (Oneal) Henderson
7900 W. 81st Ave. #74, Amarillo, TX 79119

Ronnie Smith
09 Aug 2002

Janelle Beck Hutchison
09 Aug 2002

Mary Catherine "Kay" Henderson
7900 W. 81st Ave. #74, Amarillo, TX 79119
09 Aug 2002

Larry and Nancy (Farrell) Larsen
Andover, Massachusetts
08 Aug 2002

Wick Alexander
08 Aug 2002

Charles "Jack" Green
Crete, Greece

Fantastic job Gene, keep up the good work.I was browsing the web one day on about.com, when a pop up about finding your old class mates came up.I did and wound up in contact with Wesley and Janelle.I have conversed with a few via the web and now we have a great web site.I am going to try to make the 50th.

Sue Briley Hodges
Bryan, TX

I am thrilled with your work! Nice web page. It is always so nice to re-connect with friends from the past!

A. Leroy Clarke
41 Calimo Cir. Santa Fe, NM 87505

Webmasters (Gene & Friends) have done an outstanding job!! I just looked for first time & am very impressed. And us? Linda & I have been in Santa Fe since retiring from Linda's libraries and "my"rocket engines, wind tunnels, and test labs @ Rockwell Aerospace in '93. Yes, we still think this is paradise. Thanks again Gene & Associates

Carol Ann (Smith) and Rex Mulkey
rexann@arn.net 5408 George Terrace Ama 79106

Carol Ann will not have anything to do with the computer. If you have a message for her, send it to our e-mail and I will print it and give it to her.



Ray Skuter


Wow! As you suggested, I visited the website for the first time. Fantastic! What a heck of a way to keep the '54 gang informed. I hate to be trite, but my hat's off to those of you who have put so much work and passion into the project--it's obvious. Well done!


Dewayne Howard
Catoosa, Oklahoma

My first day at Amarillo High was the most awful day of my life. I had moved from a school where there were six students im my class to a school with 675 students. After trying to get around the hall of AHS on crutches for a day I was about ready to give up. I had been in the hospital for a month and at home for several more weeks when the doctor decided it was time for me to go back to school. I remember going to the office after fifth hour and telling the staff I was going home and might not ever come back. My class load was reduced to two hours a day for the rest of the first semester. This made things more acceptable and enabled me to begin to get acquainted. I remember meeting Robert Frazier the second day I was in school. I also remember the disappointment when I was told I would not be eligible for the baseball team because I had not passed enough subjects the first semester. So much for disappointments. There are many things that I remember fondly. I wound up in Mr. Poole's homeroom with the "Ws". He would let us go across the street for brownies when we had homeroom period. There are many that I remember with much fondness. Sadly, some of them are no longer with us. Thanks for allowing us to touch base from time to time. Dewayne

Margaret Williams Wilkinson
Sanger, TX

Jack Wilkinson and I went to school together since the 5th grade at San Jacinto Elem. We didn't run in the same circles but met again after we both had married and divorced. We married in 1969. We hope to be able to make the Big 50th Reunion.

Arrelene Watson Lorenzo
Fort Worth, Texas

What a great job you have done. I look forward to spending more time going through everything on the site. Congrats to all of you for a job well done. Address is 4412 Angus Drive (not 4423). e-mail: arrelene@charter.net Arrelene

Barbara Garrett Flynn
Evant, TX

This is a great site. Thank you for putting it all together.

Sue Stambaugh Gunnels

Very Nice!!!

LaVon Ford Nelms
Farmington, Arkansas

What a great job on the web site! I am honored to be in the graduating class of such geniuses. I always knew we were a smart class. Keep up the good work.

Paul Gilbreath
Runaway Bay, Texas

Your site is great. Keep up the good work.Thanks

Molly Anne Dial Harris

I think this is just wonderful.

Joan Bates Wilson
Seattle, WA

You can change my phone number to 206-399-9291.

Can we access AHS websites for other years?

Virginia Donohoo Cagle
Bedford, TX

This is a great web site!! Many thanks for putting all this information out to us, and I love seeing the pictures!


Jack Wilkinson
Sanger. Texas (Temporary)

I think that this is a great way to keep up with each of you. I would like to complement all the people that have worked so hard to make this possible. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2004.

Bob D Brady --Virginia Pfeiffer-Britton-Brady
Amarillo, TX  806-379-7512 /379-8322

We are delighted with the efforts of all those people who are working so diligently to put this WebSite together for us...Wesley Simpson, Gene Mathis, Janelle Beck Hutchison and I know not who else... you are all doing one heck of a good job.

Linda Jonas Milton (soon to be Walton)
Palestine, Texas

My undying thanks to all of the Sandies who created this wonderful website. Was there ever a graduating class like the Class of '54? I don't think so! You are all a part of my life. Peace and Love, Linda

Dean Carpenter
Denison, TX

Great to see the web page and names of everyone. Was disappointed when first page deal did not make and sty available. Hope I can get to one of the events in future.


Bill Murray

Hey! You guys really know how to party out there in West Texas!





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